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5 must have features for the website

5 Must have website features that enhance User Experience and Retention rate on the website :



  • Search Feature :
  • Search on every website makes it easy navigation for users to dig down to every product and page of the website where they want to reach. 

    Especially in eCommerce search makes it 2-3 step buying/checkout for the user unless like 4-5 steps that make users buy the products easily.

    Search is very important to any site to easy indexing to the older and newly added data and content that helps in enhancing SEO score and search visibility of the website too.

    Research shows that visitors who use search are three times more likely to find what they’re looking for and become a customer or lead than users who are just surfing. 

     Search is also the best way to let visitors know what they are looking for and to be able to customize their website to suit their specific needs.

  • Chat Bot : 
  • Nowadays chatbots are common in all websites whether it is the social giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or Like Big Ecommerce Player like Amazon and Flipkart.


    The role of chatbot differs from Website to Website like in social media chatbot is like a support system where they can find out the data related to their queries and concerns whereas in e-commerce it’s used as a query resolver about any products or Service related to products or any other things that makes it easy for customers to make a direct conversation to the website. Research says a website with a chat has high retention of customer rate.

    Many of the medium-scale eCommerce use chatbots to offer the customer OnDemand prices and offering with a direct link and coupon code.

    There are two major types of chatbots:

    1. Questionnaire-based / AI chatbot where website asks certain sets of question which tries to get the details about the customer requirement without any person available for chat behind it for the customer once the details are filled by the user. The sales and Support team gets connected with the user.

    2) In-Person / Agent-based Chatbot: Where an agent is available for the customer if anybody comes to the website and is willing to know more about the product /Service/Support. He/She can directly message over chatbot to get the answer or support on an immediate basis. For e.g is one of the examples of this type of chatbot.


  • Whatsapp Chat:
  •  Nowadays Whatsapp is the most common and popular way to communicate between customers/websites.

    There is many Whatsapp chatbot API provider that is there for easy Whatsapp communication like is one of them.


  • Single Click Checkout
  • Single-click checkout is one of the main features for an eCommerce website that helps customers to directly buy the product bypassing the cart page directly navigate to the checkout page, it would be great for the users if we provide them the website with the Order as a guest that reduces one more step of the creation account. It makes user to buy products in just  2 clicks or like 10-15s time frame.

    App Like Fixed Bottom Bar

    Is your website having an app-like feature like in the above image that makes the website app-like feature easy to navigate to the My-Account and another important wishlist, compare? It makes your website look like and feel like an app experience.

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